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A Guide to Blogging Strategically

A Guide to Blogging Strategically

Did you know blogging could significantly increase your brand awareness? More and more brands are digitizing their strategies and pivoting towards social media marketing and an SEO focus. Now more than ever, businesses must realize that traditional means of lead generation are no longer effective. In order to continue generating leads, they must start strengthening their SEO strategy. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

Starting a Blog

Blogging is a very simple yet efficient tactic that any company can use to increase their brand awareness on the internet. To begin, you should create an editorial calendar and include topics that are related to your industry. Choosing the right keywords for each post is one of the most effective ways to beat the copmetition your competition. If you want to reach a certain type of consumer, you must write blogs that they will want to see. The best way to do this is to update your blog weekly or even daily. Google rewards strong and consistent content with a higher SEO. 


Many companies get their brand to the top of the page on google search just by writing about popular topics. This is called Search Engine Optimization and it is one of the most useful tools for lead generation. When starting your blog, you must consider target audience, keywords and content. If you can incorporate those keywords in your blog, there is a good chance your content will rank better on Google. Ultimately, you want to create content that will outrank your competitors. The best way to do this is providing useful information to increase your click-through rate.


Being flexible when blogging is necessary for making adjustments to your strategy. Allowing for flexibility can also be a way to adjust to current market trends. When you are flexible, you can stay on top of popular keywords. The most flexible athletes usually win the race, as long as they keep their eyes on the prize.

Branding and Social Media

Blogging is a very easy way to establish the voice for your brand. Additionally, when you have consistent content, people become attracted to your brand and share your content on social media. Attracting loyalty with your audience is an effective way to connect with new potential customers through the web. Social media usage is growing every day during the pandemic. When used correctly, a business can generate leads for free. Some useful social media platforms include LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Reddit. These networks are filled with consumers who are always looking for something new to read. The more you post, the better your chances are of being seen and rising to the top of google rankings.

Strategy and Engagement

One important thing to consider when starting a blog is how you will measure engagement. There are many ways to do this but whichever one you choose, make sure to keep up with it and update your strategy as you go along. Creating a strategy starts with creating a schedule and figuring out topics and keywords to post about. Once you post your blog, you must actively be checking on which topics are generating the most traffic to your website and how much time these users are spending on your site. You must know how to measure engagement because it can help you adjust to the market’s needs. Updating existing content with new and exciting information can be an effective way to generate traffic as market trends change. All you have to do is edit it and republish. It can make a big difference if you notice a low engagement. 

Building a blog for your website is something that every single company should be doing, especially during a pandemic when every consumer spends most of their day on the internet. It can be a very useful tactic that can generate many leads. By building and strong SEO strategy and utilizing Google’s algorithm, your business will thrive. 

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