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Strategic Advertising in the Digital Era

Advertising in the Digital Era

As we dig deeper into the digital advertising world, many companies are discovering new ways to market their brand. This is the challenge that every company today must address in order to survive and advance. As we face COVID-19, businesses everywhere must find new ways to generate leads and attract customers. When COVID-19 hit the states, many businesses were forced to shut down because they were not able to adapt. Now, companies have taken to the internet to reach and engage their target audiences.

Social Media

Social media began as a way to connect with friends and family. Since then, it has become a great place for businesses to focus their advertising efforts. Companies can create business by reaching out to social media users and sending them free products to review. The goal is for this person’s followers to see the product, develop an interest, and become a user themselves. This is what makes social media a very effective tool for brand awareness and product advertisement. Due to the incredible number of people who use social media daily, it is important for your company to be on as many platforms as possible. Some popular platforms to have business pages on are Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Tik Tok. Chances are, your target audience is using some or all of these platforms. Social media can provide your business with a unique opportunity to effectively market your products.

Brand Loyalty

Loyalty is one thing that strong brands have from their customers. Recently, this has been achieved through the post-purchase experience that consumers everywhere are having. Oftentimes, when someone buys a product and brags about it on social media, it is because they are happy. One great example of this would be Nike. Everyone knows Nike as a popular brand for athletic shoes, but do you know how they set the pace in marketing? They take advantage of the post-purchase experience that their customers have and they make sure to focus on that. Additionally, they created Facebook groups to connect runners from all over. Lastly, they put chips in the shoes they sell that track running routes. Their customers are then allowed to access this data through an app  and show off to their friends. They have created ways to connect their customers through social media and a positive post-purchase experience. 

In order to adjust to the digital era, it is important to keep up with social media trends and consistently post good content. Through social media and positive post-purchase experiences, your brand will continue to grow. If you need help keeping up with new marketing and advertising trends, visit our website or reach us at 847-255-5555. We have all the solutions you need!

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