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Brand Strategy and Storytelling

brand strategy and storytelling

Effective tactics for brand strategy and storytelling should be included in every marketing plan. These are some of the most important steps in building a business and should not be ignored. Developing a strong brand strategy and story is an art and that we have perfected during our many years in business. In essence, we’ve learned that you must have a plan and a story to maximize your brand’s potential.

Brand Strategy

Building a strong brand starts with a strategic plan. In order to bring your brand up to speed in a saturated media market, it is important to begin with a goal. Always make sure your goal is SMART: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based. With SMART goals in place, the rest of you plan can stand strong on a solid foundation.

When beginning to shape a brand strategy, it is important to understand the customer that your brand is trying to reach. Some common demographics include age, sex, ethnicity, nationality, geography, language, religion, education, income, occupation, relationship status, and family life. These classifications can help you better identify your target audience. This is important because many consumers choose brands they feel connected to. Price and product, while certainly factors, are not nearly as impactful as a powerful story. Defining your brand, its vision, and its typical customer are key points in every marketing plan.

Finally, you need to know that purpose is everything in a brand strategy. Without it, your brand will never stand out from the competition. Remember, a brand with a plan is a brand with a purpose. One thing we know for certain is that your message must be consistent in order to elevate the purpose you stand for. Positioning your brand can be difficult if it is not consistent which makes it a necessity for strategic brand planning. You can look to your company culture, personality, and messaging to identify your purpose. Don’t forget that everything should be consistent with your logo as it is the first thing anyone sees with regards to your company.

Brand Storytelling

Every major brand is fantastic at telling their story. This is because your story will pull you ahead of your competition. Understanding how to tell your story begins with your brand’s values and your goals. Many effective storytellers share stories of motivation and inspiration in order to connect with their audience. We constantly hear stories from companies that make us feel heard. When people feel a connection to a brand story, they are likely to become loyal customers to that company.

Sharing your story is not necessarily an easy task. In order to do this, it might be helpful to start asking questions. Why was your brand created? What does your brand plan on communicating to the customer and why? What is your brand going to do next? How will you achieve your goals? Answering these questions can be a powerful starting point for building your brand story.

Having a strong plan for brand strategy and storytelling is crucial for your businesses success. If you would like some help with your own plan, visit our website or call us at 847·259·7312.

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