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Brand Voice Consistency Can Build Your Marketing

Marketers creating a brand voice by communication, internet advertising referrals.

In today’s digital marketing era, having your brand voice consistent across all platforms is more critical than ever. Customers feel they are in good hands when a company has a clear and consistent voice across all of its communications. To convey your message consistently, it needs to start with your website. Your website should have your brand story throughout and coincide with your marketing strategy.

Consistent Brand Persona

If your audience can tell it’s you from just your content, without logos or images, you have built a consistent brand persona. Having personality behind posts and updates creates an emotional connection between the company and its customers. If customers feel like you care about them and their problems, they are more likely to engage with your company, ask for help, and go to you for marketing assistance.

Furthermore, knowing that they achieve success and consistency will keep bringing clients back and build trust through a consistent tone of voice. Examples of using consistency; email communications, website updates, and all types of social media posts. In regards to using social media, Facebook connects with long-time customers, while Instagram is used to bring in new or younger customers. Overall consistency is vital across these different outreach goals.

Having a marketing plan conveyed across all platforms is an essential strategy; however, when building a marketing and brand strategy, ensure that your website is your main point of contact for clients or potential new customers.

Social media is a great tool but companies should not rely on just social media to communicate their brand message. Many companies use social media platforms as the primary strategy to draw in customers and convey their marketing plan, but what happens when Facebook and Instagram go down? Like both platforms did this week for approximately eight hours. If your customers typically go through your social media to get to your website or call to action, that is eight hours of no website traffic.

An important takeaway from Facebook and Instagram going down; make sure your website is your marketing foundation. Remember, social media should not be your only means of driving traffic to your website.

Know your audience

Analyzing your audience is the first step to developing your brand. Look outward at what people interested in your topics want and need; create an audience persona of their interests, and other pertinent topics. Then you can look inward and make sure your company culture directly caters towards helping your customers. How you communicate with your audience, like the brand’s word choice and how the business sprinkles keywords, can directly show the company’s values and personality.

Create an unforgettable experience for customers, make sure to craft your brand’s tone to reflect your mission, culture, and values. Making your audience feel at home through consistency behind this tone of voice is key to standing out among competitors.

Creative Sizzle can help you create a brand that will increase ROI and leads to your website. Contact us today or call 847-345-6329 to get the process started.

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