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Customer Retention

Customer Retention

If you are struggling with customer retention, this blog is for you. Knowing the details of the customer journey is important for building loyalty. In this post, we will describe each step of the consumer experience as well as some best practices for increasing retention.


When a consumer is exposed to an intriguing product, the first thing they do is look it up online. This is the beginning of the consumer decision journey and is critical for developing leads. This is when you should create some pay-per-click advertisements. We recommend using Google ads because they are the most popular among similar forums. You must develop a strategy to get your product at the top of a search engine in order to increase your chances for customer consideration. By using specific keywords that are relevant to your product or service as well as demographics like age and location, you can effectively reach your target audience. We also recommend taking advantage of any tracking tools to better understand your audience’s buying behaviors.


This second stage is where the consumer reaches your landing page. At this point, they are actively considering your product and deciding if they need it. You must make sure that your landing page is relevant and that it delivers exactly what was promised to the consumer. Maintaining consistency and delivering exact results will intrigue the customer enough to sway them in a positive buying direction.


Once a consumer has visited your website and reviewed the price and quality of your product, you will most likely have a new lead. While this is a major achievement, it is not the end of our buying journey. The problem that many companies encounter at this stage is that they get so excited about this development that they forget about what comes next. Unfortunately, the purchase is no longer the end of the consumer journey. Instead, you will need to focus on what comes next; the post-purchase loyalty phase.

Post-Purchase and Loyalty

After your customer makes a purchase, be sure to follow up with them. This shows consumers that you care about them. You should send them information on new products, special promotions, and exciting brand news. Show them you care by requesting honest feedback and reviews. If they were dissatisfied with their product, ask them why and offer a reward to be used on a future purchase. All of these post-purchase communications are important for building strong relationships with your customers. The psychology behind customer loyalty is something that must be fully understood and properly utilized by your team in order to form loyal relationships with your customers. 


Finally, you must find effective tactics for retaining customers. This is where you can be creative and unique in your strategy for developing positive relationships with consumers. You could send out virtual holiday cards or thank you notes to show your appreciation. It may also be smart to offer customer rewards programs or social media contests if you are able to. Take advantage of every opportunity to communicate with your customers; you will never regret being a company that cares. 

In order to find success in your industry, you must make sure your customers are happy. To obtain customer satisfaction, you need to understand each phase of the buying process. 

We would love to help you develop strategies for customer retention! Give us a call at (847) 345-6329 or visit our website to schedule an appointment.

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