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Digital Marketing: Staying Above the Competition

There are millions of brands in the world that people can choose to give their business. With technology, there are multiple ways for brands to reach their clients and for clients to reach brands. Technology helps create digital marketing, gain brand exposure, increase communication with clients, make sales, and more. However, with growing access to technology worldwide comes growing access to businesses worldwide.

Ask yourself, how will I make my brand stand out against all of the competition in the world? The answer is more clear than one may think; customer-centric digital marketing. 2021 statistics on the customer experience, show 86 percent of buyers will pay more for a great customer experience. Studies are suggesting that above even price or product quality—customers are staying loyal to companies based on their experience.

Make the experience unforgettable:

In order to create a perfect experience for your client, first know your client. A great way to get to know your clients prior to meeting them is creating buyer personas. A buyer persona is a model that works to outline your target customer. Essentially, you are creating a profile of a member of your target market as though they were a real person. Understanding your audience helps to market to them.

Customer Relationship Management:

A strong Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy is also important. CRMs do a lot of important work, but their most important role is ensuring the relationship between your business and the customer stays strong. This is accomplished by the CRM remembering information about your client’s previous interactions with your brand or website, getting client questions answered in a timely way via chatbot or another automatic feature, allowing your client to enroll in a subscription service and understanding when to market to them. Essentially, a great CRM system makes the client feel like a priority, which will keep them returning to your brand.

Customer Experience:

Customer-centricity is all about the customer experience, so you need to ensure that your customer is not only having all their needs met, but also returning to your website. In order to shift into customer-centric marketing, create regular, well-written, interesting and relevant content. This will show them that you care about their interests and, if done correctly, will keep them returning to your website to read more content. Remember, when focusing on the customer experience, you should also focus on amplifying the voices of your customers. For instance; include customer testimonials on your website, feature a happy customer on a social media post and ask a customer to write a short blog on why they loved your product. Real reviews from real people will show authenticity and customer awareness for your brand.

Reward your customers to show them you appreciate their business. Consider implementing some sort of rewards program, a VIP offer, or a coupon code to thank them for their purchase. Not only should customers be rewarded, but they should feel appreciated. Personalization is essential. The simple act of putting your client’s name in an email advertisement sent to them could make a huge difference.

Creative Sizzle can help with all of your marketing needs, and that includes creating a customer-centric digital marketing strategy. Give us a call at (847) 345-6329 or fill out our contact form to get the process started.

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