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Email Marketing Can Generate Sales

Email marketing showing different ways of showing email

The common business and marketing phrase “there is power in the list” does hold truth. The number of people you have on an email subscription list could benefit your company in terms of exposure and sales. Just as important as getting email subscribers, though, is getting people to actually read the emails you send out.

The first challenge to overcome is getting people to subscribe to your email list. In order to get subscriptions, you must entice potential subscribers with an exciting offer. If you’re not providing a good reason for people to sign up to your list, chances are they won’t. Ask yourself: what is unique about my business model that allows me to offer exclusive deals that other companies cannot?

Not only should you offer something that matches your company’s business model, but you should also list all of the reasons they should sign up. Give people all the information you can on what they will receive when they sign up. Let them know what they will be receiving with a subscription. Once they’ve gotten to the point of signing up, it should be absolutely painless. Don’t ask potential subscribers to fill out several pieces of information or to create an account; that will drive people away. Instead, ask for only the essentials: their name and their email.

You may be wondering, how am I even going to gain enough exposure to ask people to subscribe? The options are endless! Consider posting an email sign up link at the end of a relevant and interesting blog post; implement a website header or footer; utilize social media.

Once you have your list, you need to focus on engaging them enough for them to read your content and keep their subscription. Your newsletters should be focused and uncluttered. There should be one clear call to action (CTA). Keeping them concise will prevent readers from feeling overwhelmed when viewing your newsletter. A common mistake that some newsletters make is trying to fit too much information. If there are many different aspects of your business, consider implementing separate newsletters for each branch. Let’s consider a large company such as buzzfeed. They have news, quizzes, videos, pop culture, and more. It would be nearly impossible to create a neat and concise newsletter covering all of those topics, so there should be a separate one for each branch.

Your newsletter should help to promote your business, but keep it entertaining and educational as well. A good ratio to stick to is a newsletter that is 90 percent educational and 10 percent promotional. This way, your subscribers stay informed on the goings on of your business and events without feeling as though everything they look at is an advertisement.

To entice your reader with email subject lines, use humor and persuasive language. If your subscriber sees an email subject line that makes them laugh or at least smile, then you are most likely to engage them further by enticing them to click on the email. If humor isn’t really within your company’s brand image, use persuasive language within the headings. Phrases such as “you want to know about X”, “you don’t want to miss out on Y” and “you need to know about Z” will trigger a reaction in your subscriber’s mind that they need to see what the email is about just in case they are missing out on something that could be really valuable to them.

Creative Sizzle can help you with creating an email marketing program as well as creating the ideal newsletter for your business! Contact us today or call 847-345-6329.

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