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How to Market to: Gen X

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It’s difficult to talk about generational marketing without mentioning the members of Gen X. This group of consumers has the highest level of brand loyalty and spends a great deal of time researching businesses online. They value customer service, enjoy scrolling through social media, and appreciate nostalgic marketing. This is the second blog in our series about targeting specific generations. In this post, we will give you some great tips for marketing to Gen X.

Customer Service

When marketing to Gen X, we highly recommend drawing attention to your company’s customer service initiatives. Members of this generation pay close attention to the way a business treats their customers throughout the buying process. Loyalty programs, frequent discounts, fair return policies, and respect will go a long way with this group of consumers. Don’t be afraid of print materials when targeting Gen X. Articles in the local newspaper or coupons sent in the mail will catch the attention of this generation. If Gen X is your target market, you’ll definitely want to focus on customer service in your marketing plan.

Social Media

You might be surprised to see social media on this list, but members of this generation are continually joining a variety of social networks. Even better, these users enjoy social media because it allows them to make connections with family, friends, and – you guessed it – businesses! You will find most member of Gen X on Facebook and LinkedIn, though they span across most major networks. We recommend creating posts on these platforms that encourage interaction and communication. Ask questions and encourage your audience to respond. Try not to tell this generation to support your business. Instead, provide them with good information about your company and let them know more about you. These social media strategies will work wonders for attracting Gen X to your brand.

Nostalgic Appeals

A recent study from Google showed that this generation of consumers really enjoyed nostalgic content. Whether it was a video of a past event or an ad for a popular product from their childhood, this generation loves to be reminded of the past. With that in mind, we recommend adding a little nostalgia to your marketing strategy when targeting Gen X. Recreate a popular commercial from the past or post older photos of your company to social media. Find ways to appeal to their sense of nostalgia and watch as your audience grows!

Whether you are targeting millennials, Gen X, or baby boomers, it can be difficult to develop an effective marketing plan. Creative Sizzle can help your business generate 6x more leads than your competitors through cutting-edge marketing materials. Fill out our contact form or give us a call at 847-255-5555 to get started!

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