Dunsing Inspections – New Website

THE CHALLENGE The new Dunsing Inspections website needed to produce traffic and leads, as well as help them in their journey in becoming the industry leader in terms of training and education for real estate professionals. Dunsing Inspections also needed their users to have an overall better experience, and to show off that they are not a one-man show, but rather that they are a company that has fostered a strong organization that backs their inspectors. OUR SOLUTION As a small company that wanted to manage their limited website updates themselves and also have a robust SEO platform to build…
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Laurel Haven Homes – New Website

THE CHALLENGE The new Laurel Haven Homes website needed to produce traffic and leads as well as perform well in the search engines. Laurel Haven Homes also desired a lighter, more modern, and simple to navigate website that was still impressive and easily tell their story. OUR SOLUTION The websites we build do not just look appealing, but generate more traffic and leads. In Laurel Haven's case, the site began generating leads within the first 24 hours of launch and began to move up in the search rankings almost immediately. Lauren Haven's new website gives their users a phenomenal experience…
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Essex Homes – New Website

THE CHALLENGE The new Essex Homes website needed to create a secure, mobile-friendly, and optimized web experience for their visitors. Essex Homes also desired the new website to be highly image-focused in order to highlight their products and the "lifestyle" that their prospective home buyers would have. Lastly, they wanted to use the community and home data in their ERP system and the 5 local MLS's to improve accuracy and reduce maintenance. OUR DELIVERED SOLUTION Our proprietary CMS Radmin3 is integrated with several ERP systems for production management and offers our clients the capability of easily using the information in…
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Newport Builders - Homepage

Newport Builders

THE CHALLENGE Newport Builders came to us with simple goals; they wanted a more informative website, and for that website to be extremely user friendly. Their current website was dated, and they were not generating any leads from it. Additionally we needed to address their current logo and branding, as their current look matched their old website. The new look reinforced their existing brand, and at the same time renewed their message. This allowed Newport Builders to maintain their brand-equity, and be more contemporary within their space. OUR DELIVERED SOLUTION How we solved the issue - Newport Builders’ new website…
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View Homes

It’s a fact that people like things to look good - our solution is to provide View Homes with a sleek and contemporary website style – one that is focused on drawing in the younger demographic, as well as keeping the more-seasoned homebuyers interested and engaged. With the industry changing as frequently as it does, it is very important to keep your web presence fresh. By engaging with our team for this updated, View Homes will be first-to-mind for any potential new home buyers. The new View Homes website leverages full integration with video, photos, interactive elements, galleries, and an active blog…
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