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Strategic Advertisement Planning

strategic advertisement planning

Strategic advertisement planning can be the difference between success and failure for your business. It isn’t as simple as taking a video of your product in action and putting it on the web. Think about successful campaigns like the Old Spice ad “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like”. This is a great example of successful advertising. Old Spice distinguished between the buyer and the user of their product and tried to reach the buyer first. In this case, the wives were the target audience because they are the buyers of their husbands body wash. Ultimately, their message was simple and steir strategy was effective towards achieving their goal. 

It is extremely important to answer these five questions when creating an advertisement for your brand or product:

    • Who is your brand?
    • What message are you trying to communicate?
    • How does your brand communicate that message?
    • Who are you communicating that message to?
    • What effect will that message have?

What Is Your Brand Story?

It is important to understand your brand before you create a message about a product or service. When you have proper branding, recognition and loyalty will increase dramatically. 

What Is The Message?

Once you know who is saying the message, then you can figure out what the message actually is. This can be simple as long as it is clear what the message means and consistent with your brand. This consistency can ultimately decide if your campaign or advertisement will be successful or not. 

How Will You Send That Message?

How you plan to communicate your message is an important step. You must go above and beyond by figuring out ways that your customer may be able to receive this message. One option is traditional advertising like billboards, bus ads, and bench ads. You could also use mediums like social media and television. Additionally, it’s important to make sure this message is on your website. If you go the social media route, make sure your tone is consistent with this message as well. Some very effective ways to advertise can be through google ads and taking full advantage of SEO. These will ensure that you get the reach that you are paying for. It can cost you a bit of coin, but when you start generating leads, it will be worth it. 

Who Is The Message For?

You must go a step further than your competitors and really get to know who your audience is. There are many strategies for figuring out who your audience is. You can distribute surveys, walk around the city and ask questions to random people, or run tests by giving out a few products and asking for feedback. You could even gauge their interest and attention while you are showing them the product and asking the audience questions. This could be very useful and will give you insight as to who your exact target audience should be. 

What Impact Will The Message Have?

The final step to consider with advertising is feedback. This could come in many ways and you must have an open mind when hearing what people have to say. Read every review because that is the only way you will know if you are truly getting your message across. You could run a test before you launch your advertisement and gather some data. This will give you a glimpse as to how your audience is going to react before you even launch it. 

When you want to create an advertisement for a product or brand, it is important to know exactly who the buyer is and what kind of message will resonate best. Test the market, understand their motives, and figure out how you can get your message across to be successful. Then, you will know that advertising is one of the most important tools to building a great brand. If done correctly, you can sell anything to anyone. 

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