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Video: The Present and Future of Advertising

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Did you know that the first ever TV ad appeared on American TV screens in 1941? The advertisement was played before a Dodgers vs. Phillies baseball game and viewers learned about Bulova clocks and watches. This video advertisement created a major shift in society. America was in a tumultuous state due to World War II and the Cold War. Video ads, however, were able to persuade people to make purchases. Since then, video advertisements have come a long way. This is thanks to both the World Wide Web and the way consumerism has shifted to ensure that people get their information in a fast, effective, and engaging way. Video advertising is able to meet these three criteria, thus keeping the attention of clients longer than a textual advertisement. Learn more about the value of video in this blog.

Video Advertising Facts

If you haven’t hopped on the video advertising train already, it’s time to make the leap! According to Forbes, Video ad spending in the United States increased from $8.92 billion in 2017 to $10.18 billion in 2019. That number is expected to reach as high as $12.66 billion by 2024. We can attribute this extreme growth to COVID-19. Because of the global pandemic, many people have relied on video to connect with others. Many marketers believe that video advertisements will continue to rise in popularity this year. Video content will earn you more clicks, traffic, and sales in comparison to written content. This is due to the fact that people prefer to view content instead of read it, which will lead to a greater return on your marketing investment.

A Technology-Driven World

It is important to remember that we live in a technology-driven world. Many consumers were either born into technology, or scarcely remember a world without it. This has lead to a world where immediate gratification is not only desired but expected. People want their information, and they want it in an engaging, aesthetically pleasing way. A video can produce these results in a way that written content simply cannot. Additionally, consumers are more likely to watch a short video rather than read a long article. In fact, Entrepreneur says that consumers are 39% more likely to share content with their own social sphere if it’s delivered via video. They are also 36% more likely to comment and 56% more likely to like video content.

Video Ad Formats

There are many different types of video content that businesses can use. One of the most popular types is an explainer video. These are short videos that explain a product or service to viewers. Another common video type is a VLOG. VLOGs, or video blogs, are videos in which someone speaks to the camera. VLOGs go hand-in-hand with many other video ads like product reviews, demos, and testimonials. If you are considering this type of video, we recommend asking clients or influencers in your area to record themselves reviewing or using your product. You can offer them some sort of incentive like a free product or a coupon in exchange for their review! The kinds of videos are extremely effective because of the sphere of influence that they can reach. Video interviews with local experts related to your industry are also popular, as are presentations, live streams, and good old fashioned advertisements.

Just like written content, each video you create should share a clear and concise message with the consumer. Creative Sizzle can help you create the perfect video for your business. We’ll be right by your side as you learn to effectively take on video advertising and marketing. If you would like to start your video advertisement journey with us, fill out our contact form or give us a call at 847-255-5555.

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