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Customer Relationship Management: A 2021 Guide

As years go on, marketing trends and tactics can fluctuate. However, what will never change is customer experience. In order for your business to remain successful, your clients' needs should always come first. Customer relationship management, known as CRM, is the perfect tool for ensuring your company-client relationship thrives. In this post we will give a brief overview about CRMs and the benefits of using them. Chatbots: Our world moves fast and now, clients have instantaneous access to what they are looking to purchase. Thanks to the internet, potential clients could be browsing the web at any point during the…
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Maximizing Leads to Increase ROI

Obtaining a lead is a great feeling: you have found the perfect target market that is interested in your services, and you're ready to make some sales! Getting leads—while exciting—is only half the battle. What defines the success of a business is how well they capitalize on that lead and turn it into a sale. To generate sales from a lead takes time, research, and, most of all information. The more information you have on your leads, the more likely you are to make a sale. Creative Sizzle some tips that can help businesses maximize leads. Tracking Information The work…
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