Plan Your Marketing for 2022

Plan Your Marketing For 2022

It is that time of year to start planning for 2022. Gather your team, create a list of what worked in 2021 and what did not, and begin the planning. The global pandemic, COVID-19, has made a lasting impact on the way we shop, learn, and work. As we prepare for the start of a new year, we should also begin planning effective marketing strategies for 2022. Creative Sizzle has some recommendations on creating an effective marketing plan that helps increase return on investment for 2022. Blog Planning Blogging is key to a successful marketing plan and provides your audience…
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Digital Marketing: Staying Above the Competition

There are millions of brands in the world that people can choose to give their business. With technology, there are multiple ways for brands to reach their clients and for clients to reach brands. Technology helps create digital marketing, gain brand exposure, increase communication with clients, make sales, and more. However, with growing access to technology worldwide comes growing access to businesses worldwide. Ask yourself, how will I make my brand stand out against all of the competition in the world? The answer is more clear than one may think; customer-centric digital marketing. 2021 statistics on the customer experience, show…
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Brand Voice Consistency Can Build Your Marketing

In today's digital marketing era, having your brand voice consistent across all platforms is more critical than ever. Customers feel they are in good hands when a company has a clear and consistent voice across all of its communications. To convey your message consistently, it needs to start with your website. Your website should have your brand story throughout and coincide with your marketing strategy. Consistent Brand Persona If your audience can tell it's you from just your content, without logos or images, you have built a consistent brand persona. Having personality behind posts and updates creates an emotional connection…
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An Attractive Website Can Target New Customers

Investing in an attractive website is an important marketing strategy decision for productivity, brand awareness, and customer loyalty. A strategic design makes your product or business easily accessible for customers, yields powerful marketing results, and ensures your brand stays ahead of the competition. Here are some tips to keep in mind when deciding on your website design strategy. Technology aspect: First and foremost, make sure technology is on your side. There is nothing more frustrating than going to a website and it takes forever to load, links aren’t working, or the website is not user friendly. Negative aspects like this…
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Monthly Blog Series: Helpful Tips You Need To Know

Social media is a powerful tool for business. When done correctly, it can drive traffic to your website, gather new clients, and make new sales. The world of the Internet and social media is large. However, it can be difficult deciding where to start and what to stay away from. One advantage is the ability to post a blog series for clients' viewing, reading or listening pleasure. Here’s what you need to know about how running a series can benefit your business. Series for a startup business: A series could be particularly beneficial for a start-up business that is just…
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