Plan Your Marketing for 2022

Plan Your Marketing For 2022

It is that time of year to start planning for 2022. Gather your team, create a list of what worked in 2021 and what did not, and begin the planning. The global pandemic, COVID-19, has made a lasting impact on the way we shop, learn, and work. As we prepare for the start of a new year, we should also begin planning effective marketing strategies for 2022. Creative Sizzle has some recommendations on creating an effective marketing plan that helps increase return on investment for 2022. Blog Planning Blogging is key to a successful marketing plan and provides your audience…
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Customer Relationship Management: A 2021 Guide

As years go on, marketing trends and tactics can fluctuate. However, what will never change is customer experience. In order for your business to remain successful, your clients' needs should always come first. Customer relationship management, known as CRM, is the perfect tool for ensuring your company-client relationship thrives. In this post we will give a brief overview about CRMs and the benefits of using them. Chatbots: Our world moves fast and now, clients have instantaneous access to what they are looking to purchase. Thanks to the internet, potential clients could be browsing the web at any point during the…
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Email Marketing Can Generate Sales

The common business and marketing phrase “there is power in the list” does hold truth. The number of people you have on an email subscription list could benefit your company in terms of exposure and sales. Just as important as getting email subscribers, though, is getting people to actually read the emails you send out. The first challenge to overcome is getting people to subscribe to your email list. In order to get subscriptions, you must entice potential subscribers with an exciting offer. If you’re not providing a good reason for people to sign up to your list, chances are…
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Digital Marketing: Staying Above the Competition

There are millions of brands in the world that people can choose to give their business. With technology, there are multiple ways for brands to reach their clients and for clients to reach brands. Technology helps create digital marketing, gain brand exposure, increase communication with clients, make sales, and more. However, with growing access to technology worldwide comes growing access to businesses worldwide. Ask yourself, how will I make my brand stand out against all of the competition in the world? The answer is more clear than one may think; customer-centric digital marketing. 2021 statistics on the customer experience, show…
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Boost Website Leads with Interactive Graphics

Websites, by nature, are interactive. As users click, scroll, and fill out forms, they additionally interact with your brand. The term "interactive graphic" primarily addresses a particular graphic element, like a slideshow, video, or more extensive animated feature. The primary purpose of using interactive visual elements on your website is to attract attention and help foster user engagement. You can also use them to explain a complex message or condense a lengthy story into something your user can watch. In this post, we will take a closer look into how interactive graphics on your website can boost leads. Are Interactive…
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Maximizing Leads to Increase ROI

Obtaining a lead is a great feeling: you have found the perfect target market that is interested in your services, and you're ready to make some sales! Getting leads—while exciting—is only half the battle. What defines the success of a business is how well they capitalize on that lead and turn it into a sale. To generate sales from a lead takes time, research, and, most of all information. The more information you have on your leads, the more likely you are to make a sale. Creative Sizzle some tips that can help businesses maximize leads. Tracking Information The work…
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Yelp 5 star review from customers.

Informative Ways Yelp Reviews Offer Positive Marketing Strategies

For a company’s marketing to be successful, one important piece of the plan is good website design. However, just as important as the design of your website is the content that you provide your clients. One effective strategy for getting clients to your website and keeping them engaged is integrating reviews from other customers. Placing these reviews onto your homepage makes them easily visible. Furthermore, testimonials by relatable people will speak volumes for your brand and your product. These days, it’s hard to think of reviews without thinking of the popular platform, Yelp, on which to publish them. Yelp has…
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Time to Develop a Strong Marketing Budget

Budgeting is a crucial operation for any business, small or large. In order for a business to reach success or to remain successful, money should be allocated to a marketing budget. A well-thought out marketing budget leads to a successful marketing plan which brings in clients and revenue. The old adage “you have to spend money to make money” rings true with marketing. It is typical for start-up businesses to spend more money on marketing than businesses that are already up and running. Creative Sizzle has three basic tips to keep in mind before developing a marketing budget. First Step…
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How To Leverage Your Instagram Account

Instagram is one of the hottest social media platforms available to users today! There are so many opportunities to engage with the members of your audience and potential consumers, which means that your content should always be on the cutting-edge. Here are three tips for leveraging your instagram account.  Be Authentic When it comes to social media, it’s better to be real and honest rather than perfect. Now more than ever, audiences are attracted to content that they can really relate to. By nature, people are flawed and susceptible to mistakes. In essence, we are perfectly imperfect. That being said,…
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